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Consultancy for all types of construction and engineering related projects, all types of construction project with keen interests in buildings, civil works, safety, utilities, slope safety & city environment improvement, assets management supports services, sustainability engineering works, energy-cum-carbon audit and with extraordinary expertise in underground utilities related contracts. 

US & Associates aims to serve Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Property Managers, Manufacturing Plant Managers, Developers and Incorporate Owners and become their consultants where and when necessary.

We have a pool of competent management and office support staff to related consultancy including:

Building Works

  • Selection of building maintenance contractors/consultants
  • Supervision of building maintenance works
  • Revitalization for Old and Historic Buildings and / or Structures
  • Design and build for building maintenance and A&A works

Civil Works

  • Selection of Civil Works Contractors / Consultants
  • Supervision of Civil Construction and / or Maintenance Works
  • Design and Construct Civil Works and / or Maintenance Works


  • Environmental Management System Audit
  • Energy and Carbon Audit
  • Energy Conservation Consultancy supports
  • Establish Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Environmental Management Plan design and implementation


  • Flow Study in Drainage Conduit
  • Water Leakage Detection and Management
  • Data Management for Utility Records
  • Utility Management
  • Pipe Rehabilitation by Trenchless Technology
  • Project Management for Utility Industries


  • Safety Management and Consulting services
  • Safety Management System Audit
  • Safety Management Plan design and implementation
  • Training and Event Organization


  • Various types of utility surveys
  • Repair and maintenance of Utilities
  • Design and construction of utilities
  • Conduit Condition Evaluation for life expediency
  • Slope monitoring, maintenance and inspection works and associated works for inspection of Buried Water-Carrying
  • Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation and / or Construction in busy areas // Pipe Rehabilitation without excavation for works on busy areas
  • Manhole Internal Condition Survey
  • Advanced Leakage Detection of Buried Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes
  • Tree Condition Survey
  • Pipe Condition Surveys by other non-destructive methods
  • Road Condition Surveys
  • Building Condition Surveys

All of above services will be provided and managed by qualified professionals utility specialist with the competent qualification such as Chartered Engineer, Structural Engineers, RPE (building, civil, structural), AP, RSE, RGE, A/O/MHKIUS (Associate/Operative/Manager Member of Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialist).All of above services will be provided by qualified utility specialist with the competent qualification as A/O/MHKIUS (Associate/Operative/Manager Member of Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialist) and checked by RPUS (Recognized Professional Utility Specialist).


  • System safety and reliability testing and improvement works
  • Establishment of GIS data-base for Integrate Data Management System (IDMS) for better utility project and property management
  • consultancy for projects, with expertise in Contract Management and dispute resolution
  • Business Sustainability Strategic Planning, Development and Review
  • Designing and facilitating workshops, meetings, training courses

In 2005, Utilities Specialist and engineer, Dr. King Wong, set up his consulting engineering business in Hong Kong. In the past few years, the business has grown into local consulting firm of a wide scope …  [Detail]
To be the leading Global Strategic Advisor in Utilities related projects and other type of projects to the municipal, governmental, construction, facilities management, property management Industries.

To empower Clients with the ultimate competitive advantages in all types of projects through the provisions of supreme strategic planning, project management know-how and sustainable technologies and methods.   [Detail]